When do I get paid?

Influencers get paid by completing offers from our sponsors.

Once you have signed up, you’ll be able to see all the offers that you have available now, and you’ll get email notifications when new offers become available.

Completing Offers

When you see an offer that looks good, you’ll need to accept the offer, post the content from the offer exactly as its shown, and then hit the button that says “verify”.

Once you have posted and verified the offer, your account balance will say you have pending funds. These funds will remain pending for 7 days.

In order for the funds to go from pending to available, you’ll need to leave your post up for the full 7 days and avoid any of the common mistakes below.

Common Mistakes

1. Unverified Posts – If your offer status does not say “pending” that means you did not verify the post properly, and your funds won’t become available.

2. Changing Your Instagram Handle – If you change your Instagram handle while you have pending offers, they will be canceled. Contact our support team if you’d like to change your Instagram handle.

3. Switching Your Instagram Handle to Private – If you switch your Instagram handle to private while you have pending offers, they will be canceled. Do not switch your handle to private.


What happens after 7 days?

Assuming you left your post up, did not change your Instagram handle, and did not switch your account to private, your offer will be marked “complete”, and your funds will go from “pending” to “available”.

You can withdraw any available money from your account settings page at any time. Withdrawal requests are processed within 1 business day, and you’ll get an email from PayPal once it has processed alerting you that you have money.


Withdrawal Rules

Due to fees  imposed by PayPal, we do not allow withdrawals for less than $5.00 at a time. If you have a balance less than $5.00 we recommend completing more offers, or earning more money through sponsor referrals.

The only time we process withdrawals for less than $5.00 is if we are closing an account permanently.

Last updated by AJ on December 11, 2017